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Central OH Boom or Bust?

This blog will provide discussion on the strategies, and insight used in the Central OH Real Estate market. Topics will include how the Central OH Market is doing. What kind of opportunity there is in Central OH Real Estate. Marketing strategies investment strategies that work in the Central OH real estate market. So please follow us for plenty of insightful information on the Central OH real estate market. For more information or a Free list of cheap homes go to

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Central Ohio can expect job gains in 2014
Boom or Bust?
According to economist Bill LaFayette’s annual economic outlook; Central OH can look forward to 18,200 new jobs in 2014.  This is a 1.9 percent increase in jobs and his strongest outlook for the region since he began making the annual forecast 15 years ago. The sectors that LaFayette sees as strong will be:
health care, private education, construction, transportation, professional and business services will do well.  Whereas,  government hiring will continue to be weak, following a similar pattern to that which has been seen since the recession.
LaFayette also advised that Central OH needs to improve educational attainment, and needed to attract people from outside the state. Small-business formation in central Ohio and in the state’s other metro areas is near the bottom when ranked with U.S. metro areas in small-business start up’s.
What Do I think
January’s housing numbers were down in 2014 at 1337 units sold compared to 2013 at 1458 units sold; also February’s numbers were down in 2014 at 1444 units sold compared to 2013 at 1539. Home owners have realized a 8% gain in equity on their home as home prices have gone up 8% in 2014.
I think Central OH has a lot to offer; but is being restricted by regulations which are effecting the economy and the housing market. This makes it a lot harder on home buyers; and the result is fewer homes being sold which effects the over all growth.
What do you think
“Are regulations concerning  OH Fracking ,Dodd Frank Act,  and Obama Care hurting or helping the Central OH Home Buyer?” Please post your thoughts and advice

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